Everything around the Golf resort. We have been lucky enough to find the “Ananas Surf House” pretty last minute (2 weeks prior arrival). Thus gets pretty crowded. Peniche is an hour drive up the coast from Lisbon airport. Perhaps consider not to go on a weekend to avoid the crowds, but we have been there on a Sunday and it was still completely fine. Respect the Locals! In order to give you a quick feeling on prices, here’s a list of different things you will need to spend money on. Perhaps you fall in love with one of them and take one home with you! Big Wave Spot am Wasserturm. ➳ Surfboard: 15-20 Euro per day Peniche has more than 15 surf spots… Popular with surf schools due to the accessibility into the lineup, the ample peaks on offer nicely spread the crowds, giving everyone plenty of space to enjoy the water. ➳ Surfing in Nicaragua – Off-Shore Paradise in SJDS Waves just as likely from local windswells as from distant groundswells and the best swell direction is from the southwest.. The good thing in Peniche – all spots are quite close together. You can animate the Peniche Surf map or show live wind and wave conditions as reported from wavebuoys and local weather stations. If you have a bunch of friends with whom you want to travel to Peniche, no problem we can help you out! The wave season slowly start in September, from October onwards, almost every spot is working. ⠀, Today, during a little walk around a park clo, ️ Snapshots like this are great to bask in m, When Julian took this shot he said: “Le. It’s unusually mellow for a reef break with a gentle take-off and long rides, the only downside is that because it is so easily accessible is can get a little busy in the water. Here, conditions ideal for beginners, further west, challenging for intermediates. Peniche seems to be the safest bet. Keep in mind that during wave “off-season”, the European summer, it’s crowded because of summer holidays and in October due to world-class waves and the WSL taking place at Supertubos. There are not even a handful of days a year without waves under hip high. Der wahrscheinlich einfachste Beach von Peniche. Read More The most westerly spot of the bay. As well the Algarve can have weeks with hardly any surfable waves. We’ve just been on Peniche itself for buying groceries. In Europe, you have to calculate with 20€ per day, which is quite a bit, especially if you take into account that car rental tends to be cheaper, on average. Gali, the girlfriend of our host at the Ananas Surf House makes incredible Humus. From June to October, you can enjoy yourself there (summer temperatures). A bit of an angle usually will make the waves not close out. October – March: Biggest swell, best waves, perfectly suited for intermediates and experts (depending on the spot). See also: which wetsuit should I choose? The spot on the south side of Peniche. 58surf sells great second-hand wetsuits for a good bargain. Prior to our arrival, we thought that we will spend most of our time on the beach in Peniche. The supermarket just beside the famous “Peniche Surfcamp” has great happy hours (2 beers for 1€) in the afternoon. Fast, cavernous pits that would look more at home on the North Shore of Hawaii endlessly make their way to the shore, challenging surfers to beat the drop and tuck into the barrel. Sandbanks shift and swells are never the same. The biggest and best waves roll in during the European fall and winter. So here another recommendation! Par contre, si vous vous rendez à Peniche pour profiter de ses excellentes conditions de surf, vous devrez vous diriger vers … Too much to take for beginners and intermediates. First off, what bothered me before booking the flights? We didn’t see Lagide working well during our stay. They are close in distance but have a very different dynamic. Wenn alles andere zu klein ist. This site uses cookies for analysis, advertisement and affiliates. April – September: More Inconsistent and smaller waves. Strong currents then. Apprendre le surf demande un minimum d’assiduité et de motivation, et surtout, beaucoup de pratique ! Most popular choice for surfing next to Areia Branca: Another quality Portuguese beach break that has kept relatively under the radar, partly due to its more southerly location, on its day, Praia de Santa Rita has been known to throw up a few barrels. Rivermouth. How are the waves in July?! Gut wenn alles andere zu groß ist. Thus, both beginners and advanced learners always find the waves that suit them. Reef boots are not a ridiculous idea here, especially for beginners, as there are always the odd urchin scattered around the rocks. Only go when you really know what you are doing. Surf breaks shown along the Peniche coastline are also listed below. Oben Parken und nichts im Auto lassen. Finding a good rental car is always a challenge as many seem weird and you are never entirely sure what you get. It lies on the north side of Peniche. Don’t be put off by the reputation of the place, this is still a great spot to learn to surf, the less powerful whitewash that consistently rolls through is fantastic for practising getting to your feet on a surfboard. Der westlichste Spot der Bucht läuft erst, wenn alles andere zu groß ist. Ultra consistent and surfable on any tide, this is a perfect place to set up camp for a whole day of surfing. You will find plenty! The host (Hi, Yariv! [vc_images_carousel images=”803,804,805″ img_size=”full” title=”Sagres in pictures”], [vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/rlUEgBvesX8″ title=”Supertubos”], [vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/WPekCO5g3Dk” title=”Baleal”]. Generell kann man sagen, dass die Wellen im Sommer kleiner sind, im Winter größer. Respect the locals! All the numbers you see in this guide are for orientation purpose only. Man fühlt den Spirit des Surfens überall, unzählige Surfschulen und Surfcamps, Shops mit Stuff und vieles mehr. Water temperature in Peniche: A summer suit will be more than adequate up until November, in the cooler months slightly thicker rubber might be necessary. Especially when you arrive in Lisbon or in Porto, you need to get to the surf mecca in Portugal. In Peniche gibt es duzende von Surfspots, die bei allen erdenklichen Swellrichtungen, Wellengrößen und Windrichtungen laufen. The bicycle lanes are in great condition so it’s awesome to get with a longboard from A to B. Professionals will see if the Supertubos waves break. Bei kleinem Swell im Sommer haben wir dort oft die besten Sessions überhaupt. Due to the crowds, I kind of understand this, so rather skip this one and leave it for the locals. The forecast updates every 6 hours and most live weather reports update every hour. Well protected spot at the harbour wall. We have heard that this is mainly a local spot and tourists are not extraordinarily welcome. They are close in distance but have a very different dynamic. Eating in a restaurant is affordable, groceries are not overpriced and accommodation is cheap. Sri Lanka? On almost all other spots you have wave guarantee here and can surf your brain out. For surfers, the map shows the most powerful swell tracking across near-shore open water and not the peak waves experienced by boats out at sea. After arriving in Peniche area you are in a great position to be surrounded by surf spots, with individual pros and cons. Neither in Morocco, nor Spain. Surfing in Peniche, let's go! Der erste Spot der Nordküste. Useful to know when booking a flight. Flat! Respect the Locals! Socializing! But we will first make clear where Peniche is located. Rua Cruz das Almas 96 Casais do Baleal 2520-157 Ferrel Portugal, Copyright 2016 Surfguiding Peniche | All Rights Reserved. Peniche has a vibe, you will fall in love with. However, a car is handy! We're more than happy to get in contact with you. A great place to go and discover surfing in Portugal. At Baleal beach, you will find many shops renting and selling boards and wetsuits. Certains spots sont particulièrement facile d’accès. From October onwards you don’t need to worry about waves anymore. This is, by the way, the place where John John Florence, Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater stayed. © 2020 Meteo365.com | Privacy | Cookie Policy. Privilégiez la période printemps/automne pour aller vous amuser dans la houle made in Languedoc-Roussillon. ➳ Surfing in Sri Lanka – Surfing in the Indian Ocean Peniche is suitable for beginners and for the world’s best surfers. Peniche is considered the capital of the Portuguese surf scene. So if you and your friends consider going to Peniche for a couple of days, just let me know. Beyond that, I will also give some options of surf-alternatives and estimation on what you will approximately spend. Map overlays available for display: Peniche Pressure, Wind. Whilst gathering slightly less swell than the spots north of Peniche, this can be a wave to head for when other beaches get either too big or too busy. The fine sand on the side of the streets gives you a feeling of being home. No adventures! Aber auch im Sommer wird man praktisch nie enttäuscht. Oft die beste Wahl im Sommer, da offshore bei Nordwind. The go to spot when Lagido is too crowded. Ok. This shape means that no matter which way the wind is blowing, there is always an offshore wind, so when the swell is right, it is one of the most consistent surf spots in Europe. And leave waves to the locals. Perhaps the biggest name in European surfing, this is the ultimate destination for many wave riders, and home t the, Whilst the consistent Atlantic swells can be a godsend, sometimes their ferocity can all be a bit much. The large Atlantic storms unload onto this unsuspecting corner of Portugal, delivering hollow barrels that eject spray and air with enough ferocity to topple you from your board. So, not having a car is not a big deal as you can walk to most spots when staying in Baleal. The only drawback is that it can be busy. The most well-known surfing spots in Peniche. There are dozens of different spots in Peniche that work on all different winds (Hey, it´s always offshore), swell sizes and directions and tides. Supertubos and Baleal are the 2 most famous surfing spots of Peniche. Natürlich habe ich hier nicht alle Spots aufgezählt. Unique for me personally is the great location of Peniche and the Baleal peninsula (what a beautiful place!). Here you can easily snap your board, or hurt yourself. And when you’ve finished in the water, you can drop into some of the cafés lining the promenade for well-deserved refreshments. ➳ Accommodation: 20 Euro per day For those with more experience, a point break comes alive in periods of bigger swell, ideal for mastering surfing’s more complex manoeuvres. Cliffs that protect spots from winds and beaches as far as your eye can see make the peninsula an ideal surf destination for all surfers. Camping in Portugal – Your tent and the Algarve, Camper Van in Portugal – The Best Way to Explore, Hiking in Sicily – Zingaro Nature Reserve. As you might expect at such an infamous spot, facilities are plentiful, so if you’re not able to get in the water, sit back and admire the action unfolding in front of you. Surf Spot Guide Peniche In Peniche gibt es duzende von Surfspots, die bei allen erdenklichen Swellrichtungen, Wellengrößen und Windrichtungen laufen. Please enable JavaScript to access the following map views: All map types that you can enable here: Peniche Colour Base Map, Wave Height, Wave Energy, Peniche Swell 1 Energy, Swell 2 Energy, Windwave Energy, Peniche Precipitation, Wind, Temperature, Peniche Cloud Cover. Nur über die Autobahn ist die Nordseite zu erreichen. Discover more about surfing in the Algarve. Symbols shown on the map: Peniche Surf Breaks, Tide Forecasts, Cities, Peniche Ski Resorts, Live Wave Buoys, Live Webcams, Peniche Wind Now, Temperature Now, Weather Now, Peniche Swell at breaks, Rating at breaks. Most popular choice for surfing next to Foz do Arelho: Perhaps the biggest name in European surfing, this is the ultimate destination for many wave riders, and home t the Rip Curl Pro Portugal every October (a great time to go). We take a look at the 7 essential surf spots in Peniche: Best time of year for beginners surf in Peniche: May to September, Best time of year for intermediates surf in Peniche: March to October, Best time of year for advanced surf in Peniche: September to March. 5 All Time Best Surf Documentaries Ever Made, The Surf after Covid - with Wave Rider Fuerteventura, Unlocking after Covid - with The Surf Experience in Lagos, 5 Best Surf Books Ever Written | Reviewed By Our Staff. However, intermediates can improve their surfing in this time of the year, too. What chance is there that you score waves? From the first second we fell in love with the house. The scenery is especially breath-taking and illuminated in a magical orange, right after sunrise and one hour before sunset. Offshore bei Nordwind. Says it all. The forecast updates every 6 hours and most live weather reports update every hour. Surfholidays.com's Nicky Kelly ... 4 months ago, Surfholidays.com's Nicky Kelly ... 5 months ago, Our staff have sat down ... 6 months ago, Special Offer: Book a Surf Holiday & get a, Need advice choosing your surf holidays destination? Near-shore swell is shown on the map together with the surf forecast rating for spots in Peniche. https://www.surfguidingpeniche.com, Copyright 2016 Surfguiding Peniche | All Rights Reserved. Getting to Peniche: Peniche is an hour drive up the coast from Lisbon airport. Centrally located so access, accommodation, and facilities are aplenty. Immer anders, machmal richtig gut, oft aber schlecht. Enter your name and email address below to get Instant Access to ALL our Surf Guides. The more towards Peniche, the emptier it gets. Surf photos from Peniche and reviews of the best spots and surfing conditions have been provided by local surfers. And never forget: You almost never want big swell to hit your beach from straight ahead. As mentioned above, you have the luxury to have many different spots at your doorstep. Geschützt bei Westwind und anschauen bei Nordwind, wenn Cantinho zu voll ist. Your email address will not be published. Diese Website verwendet Cookies und Services von Drittanbietern. Supertubos is a shorebreak and can produce massive barrels – got worldwide fame through the best surfers of the world battling here in October. Here we spent most of our time surfing in Peniche! Unser Homespot. Our local Wavefinder indicates where some of the best conditions are likely to be found in Peniche over the next 7 days. With this, you won’t have sore shoulders after day two but you are able to surf your brain out! Low will close-out. Supertubos is a good example: In summer time you can have 12 foot of wind swell at 9 seconds from the north. Most popular choice for surfing close to Lagide: A beach so long that it is impossible not to find something to ride. Our local Wavefinder indicates where some of the best conditions are likely to be found in Peniche over the next 7 days. Surfer ability: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Alle Zahlen in diesem Guide sind nur zur Orientierung da. As I surfed a Semente Board (shaped in Portugal) while surfing in North Sumatra, we wanted to test another local shaper. For a more mellow and less crowded surfing experience, the small, Hot summers and mild winters make Portugal, and in particular Peniche,  a year-round surfing destination. Actual wave height depends a lot on the swell direction and wave period. If that sounds good, just write a short email with the dates and amount of people, we are happy to help! Peniche surf spots are driven by a coastline that consistently enjoys strong Atlantic swells coming ashore over a variety of powerful beach breaks, right-hand points and the occasional reef. The medieval town is definitely worth a visit. Low tide is a touch shallow and the wave backs off when the water is at its highest. A summer suit will be more than adequate up until November, in the cooler months slightly thicker rubber might be necessary. Almost 100% in the winter months. Surfer ability: Beginner and intermediate. The closer to the cliffs you enter the water the more protection you get. Waves break in Portugal throughout the year. Bei der Vorhersage wird es in Supertubos keine Tubes geben, sondern eher zum Baden einladen. Die Spots an der Nordküste sind ab 2 Metern meistens kaum noch surfbar. The name says it all; you can find strong tubes here. Watch out with dropping tide: Only inches of water on the reef. When Nazaré gets too messy this is where the action happens. For European standards, Portugal is a cheap country to travel to. Not too bad, right? When everything else is too small. Surfing in Peniche – It’s on! In May I spoke with a friend about a surf trip this summer. The vibe fits Peniche, incredibly relaxing and good for your soul. Out for a walk in the Eifel. Supertubos Surf Guide. Please email us: Algarve: 3 meter+ waves with 18 seconds swell, Andrew Cotton about riding giants and how to overcome fear, The Ultimate European Surf Seasons Guide 2020. Only good at west swell. Near-shore swell is shown on the map together with the surf forecast rating for spots in Peniche. Starke Strömungen dann! If it’s yours, it always fits better and you can use it for the next couple of years. Move your mouse over the ocean swell symbols or the surf breaks on the coastline to see a more detailed surf forecast including wave period and wind conditions. Our purpose is to inspire you for your next surf holiday. Respect the Locals! You will find many options to stay in Peniche. And even with the biggest winter swells there are always some protected spots. South side through the golf court. We love to be ou, A lot of things we love combined in one pictu, That’s definitely one of our favorite pictu, Early morning reflections in Lanka. Beachbreak, gegenüber vom Hotel Peniche Soleil. Hier wurden schon Weltmeisterschaften gesurft. Nur wenige Zentimeter Wasser über dem Felsen am Takeoff. A long flat shoreline with plenty of peaks up and down the beach, this is the perfect place to indulge in a surf lesson. Certainly, during European summer the wave machine is not switched on yet. From Baleal you can easily drive a handful of kilometers to Peniche without any effort as it goes slightly downhill. The prices are roughly the same, comparing and bargaining will help you to get a better rate. With tips for the best surfspots and great places to eat and stay. For that very reason, we launched our surf workout ebook. Definitely pop by and have a look if you find something that you would love to ride. Nicht umsonst heisst der Werbeslogans Peniches: It´s always offshore. As good for those learning to surf at it is for those with years of experience under their neoprene belts. Works best in offshore winds from the northeast. About Peniche The little fishing town of Peniche is not the prettiest spot on the Portuguese coast, but it's probably the most renowned surfing area in the country. Go starting point to check with a good view. You will enjoy your time here! ➳ Surfing in Northern Sumatra – Get barreled in pristine nature As soon as we passed the sign of Peniche we started smiling and got excited about the week to come. You let us know how you prefer to travel and stay, we organize the rest for you! Alles links von Brunos Bar. Baleal is usually a bit more relaxed so more suitable for beginners and intermediates. Peniche is well known to most surfers. Windsurfers and kite surfers can also use this option to find more favorable cross-shore conditions in Peniche. In the summer you will have to wear a wetsuit (3/2). Another good thing here: surfers get allocated evenly within the surf spots, so crowds can be avoided. Supertubos and Baleal are the 2 most famous surfing spots of Peniche. Tip: It doesn’t matter when and where you go, you will surf loads in Peniche. And the waves? Often the best choice in summer, because offshore with north wind. About Peniche The little fishing town of Peniche is not the prettiest spot on the Portuguese coast, but it's probably the most renowned surfing area in the country. The take off is almost vertical, thus made only for real good surfers. It is on the other side of Cantinho Da Bahia. Required fields are marked *. Selten hält ein Swell länger als ein paar Tage an. We felt safe and taken care of at Centauro and now also work together with the company (use the code IWBPRL15 to safe a few bucks when booking). In fairness, waves haven’t been perfectly shaped and we also needed to escape to Praia d’el Rei, the swell magnet, once but we had a couple of great days and surely will come back. Waves consistently break left and right and are almost certainly guaranteed to be quieter than Supertubos and the rest of Peniche. ➳ Puerto Escondido – Mexican’s Pipeline and his small brother If the swell and wind align, this could be the only place to head for. We break down some of the best places to consider when planning a Portugal surf holiday. Make sure to take a bit and drive around to explore your new neighborhood while. I will discuss them later in detail. ➳ Beer: 1€ (more at the beach). Peniche Surf Forecast map for predicting the best wave and wind conditions across the region. Peniche seems to be the safest bet. Surf photos from Peniche and reviews of the best spots and surfing conditions have been provided by local surfers. Es ist quasi flat. As you definitely need a wetsuit (both of us surfed a 3/2, which was perfectly fine for us) consider bringing your own or buying one once arrived. Beachbreak, gegenüber der UFO-Siedlung Sol Village 2. Je weiter Richtung Peniche, desto leerer. * The boards are incredible! At Waterlost shop you can Rent a Surfboard to surf our awesome waves. The peak breaks both left and right, but the deepest and longest tube rides are usually reserved for those going left. Besides surfing in Peniche – let’s jump into surf alternatives in case your muscles are sore, or there is a lay day due to bad conditions. Nur um Hochwasser, sonst Close-out. Dans le sud, le surf n’est pas une légende, on vous l’a dit. Check the rocks at low tide! *paid partnership with Fatum Surfboards & Centauro. Also, in the town of Baleal, you will find many shops with boards of different sizes and shapes. To give you a bit of an idea of Peniche you will find some information about the weather and the waves below. This makes it easier to check waves in the next morning. Der bekannteste Strand Europas mit einer der heftigsten Tubes der Erde. She offers courses on how to make her chickpea specialty. If you didn’t bring your own board you are dependent on renting one. Wer sucht der findet. In the summer you can sometimes run into flatness (a flat sea). Läuft nur bei westlichem Swell. This was not entirely correct as of the beaches and surf spots are rather located in the Baleal area and a stone’s throw south from Peniche itself. Cantinho is an amazing beach break that offers rights and lefts. The more you get away from the cliff, the bigger the waves get, as here, the breaks are less protected. ), the facilities – such as the pool and the tennis court the great kitchen – and the lovely people staying with you were simply amazing. With easy and affordable access, world-class waves, and a climate to die for, there are few places to rival Portugal for a surf trip. Only around high tide. So from just a bed to full-service, everything is possible. In the morning where we didn’t find waves to surf, we were happy to have this option in order to do some physical activity even without the wave machine switched on. The Ananas Surf House can accommodate up to 8 people and can also provide three daily meals, surf guiding and much more. Surf Escape was established in 2016. Europe’s most famous beach break. Mexico? Enter your full name, email address and a password to register. Surfspots Map Fazit Eines steht sicherlich fest, Peniche gehört definitiv zu den schönsten Flecken Portugals und das nicht nur für Surfer und Backpacker. Peniche has numerous surf spots at your doorstep. We visited the Portuguese town during wave “off-season” and have been able to surf every day. Best impression of a french beach break: Always different, rarely good. Surfer ability: Beginner (sometimes! Summer, which tends to be the time of the year with the smallest waves, is perfectly suited for beginners. Règles de sécurité, techniques de surf et prévisions météo : découvrez comment bien débuter en surf, afin de pouvoir progresser rapidement et prendre du plaisir sur votre nouvelle planche de surf !


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